Amber Butler

I am the owner and principal teacher at Precision Pilates, Spokane’s oldest and best Pilates Studio. We are devoted solely to teaching the discipline of Pilates. My staff and I at Precision are committed to teaching all levels of Pilates work to all levels of clients. I am deeply devoted to structuring the work for the benefit of each client and working with them in a positive, professional environment that allows the individual client to increase the potential of their body and the benefits of the work.

Our Studio, Precision Pilates, is located in a beautiful light-filled studio and includes a 2,000-sq. ft. mat room, a large reformer room and a state of the art cardio room that includes an elliptical machine, recumbent and spin bikes, along with private changing rooms and shower facilities. We also feature a full retail area where you can buy fitness apparel suitable for Pilates and boutique items that you can enjoy outside of the Studio.

I have owned and operated Precision Pilates in Spokane since 2004. During that time, I have conducted thousands and thousands of private, semi-private and group classes for a wide variety of students. I have been told that because of our passion, our professionalism and out results, Precision has come to mean Pilates in Spokane.

I am certified as a Pilates Master, Second Generation Pilates Teacher. I earned that honor after completing a 24-month course in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida with Lolita San Miguel, a First-Generation Pilates Master. I earned my original Pilates Teaching Certification in 2004 from Elizabeth Jones-Boswell B.S. M.Ed. after completing her 18-month mat and reformer intensive teacher training program followed by 18 months of auxiliary equipment training. I am a member of the Pilates Member Alliance and certified to teach Lolita San Miguel’s Teacher Training Program, Lolita’s Legacy™, and while offering the program here at Precision Pilates annually, I often travel to teach and support the program at Lolita’s Studio in Florida and around the country.

My background includes over 10 years as a premiere athlete. I competed nationally and internationally representing the United States in my sport, Synchronized Swimming. I have had a lifelong commitment to fitness and wellness.

I am deeply committed to the work of Pilates and I pursue additional training and professional enrichment whenever the opportunity arises. My intention is to grow not only our studio but the experience of Pilates throughout my community, country and world. 

  • Pilates Master

  • Second Generation Pilates Teacher

  • Lolita’s Legacy Educator

Alexis Butler

Alexis grew up in Pilates studios.

First in the home-studio of Elizabeth Jones-Boswell as Amber earned her first certification. Then in Precision Pilates as it’s grown through 3 locations and later in Lolita San Miguel’s base studio as she worked and trained with colleagues from around the world.

While Pilates may have seemed a natural or obvious path for her, she resisted the idea by trying everything else Spokane could offer her. She considered everything from TRX, yoga and personal training certifications to nursing, occupational and physical therapy degrees.

As she explored the movement modalities listed before she continued to take classes at Precision until she came to realize that Pilates helped her accomplish everything else, but that nothing else helped her Pilates. She noticed that the ideas and principles of Pilates were consistently utilized to rehabilitate bodies within Physical and Occupational therapy tactics.

She first observed Precision Pilates’ first teacher training group, later took Lolita’s Legacy Teacher Training herself, then graduated from Lolita San Miguel’s Pilates Master Mentor Program (Group FF) and completed Lolita’s Educator Intensive to become certified to educate teacher’s for Lolita’s program – the very program she took herself.

Alexis has observed and assisted with Precision’s training groups and helped run the studio alongside Amber as they both continue to pursue excellence in their field. She believes that when Pilates is done consistently with a specific nod to Precision it can change lives.

As Precision grows she’s eager to show Spokane and beyond that Precision Pilates is a place for movement, education and community for anyone ready to join in on the fun.

She has two young children, a partner, and a golden retriever in their home in Cheney – so to say life is a juggle is putting it lightly. She is fueled by the community at Precision that raised her and is excited to bring her family up in the same environment as it continues to thrive.

  • Lolita’s Legacy Certified

  • Pilates Master

  • Second Generation Pilates Teacher

  • Lolita’s Legacy Educator

Wendy Teague

I have had a lifelong love of fitness and movement and hold national titles in dance and cheerleading. With my background in dance, Pilates was intuitive and in sync with my personal style of exercise. I love the mind-body connection associated with Pilates and I enjoy sharing that experience with others in an upbeat and welcoming atmosphere. I’m passionate about helping others develop optimal health and vitality for a lifetime of movement with ease.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics from University of South Florida and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Eastern Washington University. I completed the comprehensive Pilates instructor training program through Lolita’s Legacy Teacher training program in 2016.

When I’m not changing lives in the studio I enjoy traveling the world, running, cycling, rowing, skiing, hiking and spending time with my family and friends.

  • Lolita’s Legacy Certified

Lori Fritz

I have had a lifetime interest in fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  After college, I enjoyed aerobics and cycling in the Seattle area.  My family moved to Spokane in 2000, and after my third son, I found challenge and enjoyment in running and completed several half marathons in the PNW.  But I was looking for something to improve my core strength and assist with back and shoulder pain.  In 2013, I found Amber at Precision Pilates and fell in love with the Pilates work.  I feel like Pilates is a “lifetime” exercise that can meet many needs, and challenge people at whatever fitness level they are currently in. I have a small degree of scoliosis and have found great relief in back and shoulder pain since attending Pilates classes.  In 2015, I completed the Lolita’s Legacy Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program under Amber’s instruction.  I absolutely love doing and teaching Pilates!  I am also an IT Project Manager and enjoy spending my time, outside of work and Pilates, volunteering at school and church and being with my family at home and at the lake.

  • Lolita’s Legacy Certified

Planning your first visit? 

Please fill out our Client Information & Training Agreement forms and the COVID-19 Procedures Waiver prior to your first visit. 2 ways to submit: 1. Fill out the PDF form digitally (save the filled-out form to your desktop, then email it to info@precisionpilatesofspokane.com), or 2. Print it and bring it with you to your first visit. The Training Agreement portion must be signed in person.