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We start all beginner students with an educational introduction to Pilates. Through 3-5 private sessions with a teacher, or by attending a Fundamentals of Pilates Workshop between our seasonal class sessions. We want you to feel comfortable and empowered walking into your first real class.


Skip our otherwise mandatory private sessions to save yourself time and money! Cost is $200 plus tax per person. 


Summer 2024

Details to come

Have questions? Contact Amber at 509.869.5706.


Start mixing up your Pilates practice with the most iconic piece of equipment, the Reformer! Learn the in’s and out’s that will have you class-ready. Cost is $75 plus tax per person. 


Summer 2024

Details to come

Have questions? Contact Amber at 509.869.5706.


Precision Pilates in the park. Girl in yoga pants doing mat pilates on a pink yoga mat.

Pilates is a system of exercises developed by Joseph H. Pilates in England. Pilates begins by addressing the core musculature (abdominal, pelvic and back) through specific exercises performed using eccentric contractions, which simultaneously lengthen and strengthen muscles. It increases strength and flexibility in a balanced manner.

Joseph H. Pilates created this regimen while he was held as an “enemy alien” with other German nationals during World War I. He even used old hospital beds and springs to build equipment to use with his exercises and that equipment was the precursor to today’s reformers.

Pilates unites the mind with the body by using the principals of breath, focus, precision, flow of movement, centering, coordination and balance throughout each exercise. The exercises are preformed on a mat and various pieces of equipment fitted with springs.

Clients enjoy better posture, increased energy, stronger, longer, leaner bodies, and pain reduction in a short time. The ability to perform our daily tasks with “spontaneous zest and pleasure” is the goal of Pilates.


Anyone can do Pilates: men, women, young people, older people, couch potatoes, athletes, dancers, etc. If you are new to Pilates, we require that you take three to five Private Sessions or participate in our Introduction to Pilates Workshop before you can take our mat classes. This requirement is to ensure you get the maximum benefits from our mat classes.


“The 5 privates were initially very challenging to commit to. It seemed like a large investment to get started in something that I didn’t even know much about. But it ended up being the best thing I could have done. Being in quite a bit of pain, I needed a few modifications early on. The private sessions were also incredibly helpful in understanding the nuances of the pilates movements. It is very easy to start using the “big muscles” when doing many exercises and I don’t know that I would have had so much success without learning the core fundamentals in a one-on-one environment.”

David, 43

“Diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS nearly two decades ago, I walk with a cane, have a weak right leg and an overcompensating left side of my body. I feared my muscles becoming more rigid, so I began a series of private sessions, tailored to my specific needs and abilities. As a result of doing Pilates for the last two years, I have better balance, proper body alignment and flexibility, and strong core muscles (I didn’t even know what a core muscle was before I started!) The muscles in my left leg and side have lengthened a bit which reduces their overcompensation. Plus, Precision overflows with positive energy, which is contagious!”

Ellen, 72


It’s no secret Pilates requires a distinct level of precision and a little expansion of your vocabulary. We prefer to start every student with a handful of private sessions to get to know you and personally teach you the why’s and how’s of Pilates so you’re confident going into your first group class.


From the ground up. We start with Pilates history, Pilates as a discipline, the breath, and a Postural Analysis. Starting in a 1-on-1 personal environment is meant to make you comfortable – both with the practice of the physical movements and to allow you a safe place to ask questions. 


Pilates opens up a space for a new awareness – not just during your Pilates sessions, but in your everyday posture, movement, and mindset. Practicing this awareness starts with getting to know your story, what led you to Pilates, and where you hope Pilates can take you. 


We say often, “pilates done a little wrong can do more harm than good.” This is why Precision is in our name – we take the time to teach precise form so you can get the most out of your sessions and avoid strain and injury. Having a teachers’ full attention in the beginning of your Pilates journey also allows for continual, specific corrections to your unique body. 


We want you to be aware of your body and responsible for how it moves. By starting with private sessions, you’ll know what to expect going into a class – you’ll have the vocabulary, be familiar with the equipment, and will know what your body is supposed to do. 


In contrast to the anonymous workout-at-a-gym-alone model, Pilates forms a small but strong community of people in diverse stages of life. We care about you as a full person and want you to feel a true sense of belonging to our studio.


What do I bring to class?

You – in clothes you feel comfortable moving in. We have everything else you’ll need.

How often do I have to work out?

We recommend starting with one Pilates workout per week. This allows you to gradually form a habit. If you increase the frequency of your Pilates workout, then you will see and feel changes more rapidly. Long-term, 2-3 Pilates workouts per week are ideal.

When can I see and feel results?

If you are diligent about attending weekly Pilates classes, you should begin to see and feel a difference after six weeks.

Is there any paperwork before my first class?

Yes – please read through our Training Agreement prior to your first session. We’ll have you sign it in-person before your session begins.


Let’s get you scheduled for your first private session – we can’t wait to meet you.

Planning your first visit? 

Please fill out our Client Information & Training Agreement forms and the COVID-19 Procedures Waiver prior to your first visit. 2 ways to submit: 1. Fill out the PDF form digitally (save the filled-out form to your desktop, then email it to, or 2. Print it and bring it with you to your first visit. The Training Agreement portion must be signed in person.