“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”


Did you know our musculature actually shifts over time to accommodate our daily posture? That means slouching over a computer is actually making you permanently slouched. 

We offer 3-hour workshops for small groups and corporate teams as a chance to promote health, wellness, and team-building through Pilates. Our variety of workshops are meant to introduce Pilates mindfulness – to focus on small movements, stretching specific muscles and correcting our poor habits.


Skip our otherwise mandatory private sessions to save yourself time and money! Cost is $200 plus tax per person. 


Summer 2024

Details to come

Have questions? Contact Amber at 509.869.5706.


Start mixing up your Pilates practice with the most iconic piece of equipment, the Reformer! Learn the in’s and out’s that will have you class-ready. Cost is $75 plus tax per person. 


Summer 2024

Details to come

Have questions? Contact Amber at 509.869.5706.


Pilates Workshops are scheduled individually based on interest from at least 10 participants. Tell us which workshop you’d like to attend, or get a group together and host a workshop at your desired location!

Fundamentals of Pilates

Recommended for all who have never done Pilates, done on their own or at another facility before starting a series. This workshop will teach you the correct basic techniques for Pilates.

Bulging Belly

Are you tired of having a “bulge” instead of the six-pack belly you deserve for all your hard abdominal work? Using this Pilates-based method, find safe and effective techniques to strengthen your abdomen and reduce your BULGING BELLY!


This workshop will present a variety of ways to stretch your muscles, increase your range of motion and help alleviate pain.

Oh, My Aching Back

This workshop was developed for those with low back and sacroiliac concerns as well as those with weak abdominal muscles from disuse, pregnancy or surgery. Restore proper function and mobility to your pelvis and lumbar spine through specific and conservative Pilates-based exercises.

For Men Only

Using these Pilates-based exercises, gain increased flexibility and strength. Discover which exercises help to alleviate certain pains. Come experience this intense, dynamic, and ever-changing exercise regimen that insures total body fitness.


3-Hour Workshops $125 plus tax.

Host a workshop at your location! Booking based on availability with a minimum of 10 participants. Call us at 509.747.3439 to learn more about on-site workshops.

Planning your first visit? 

Please fill out our Client Information & Training Agreement forms and the COVID-19 Procedures Waiver prior to your first visit. 2 ways to submit: 1. Fill out the PDF form digitally (save the filled-out form to your desktop, then email it to, or 2. Print it and bring it with you to your first visit. The Training Agreement portion must be signed in person.