March 2019

March Matness – Arm Reaches with Forward Flexion


We start every class with this movement to warm up the spine and it’s an easy one to do mindlessly- 1- EYES follow the fingertips as you reach toward the ceiling 2- SHOULDERS stay drawn down and together in a V (and away from the ears) at all times! 3- RIBS stay in the body [...]

March Matness – Arm Reaches with Forward Flexion2019-03-11T23:48:48+00:00

January 2019

Feet First February


Starts NOW! We know you are already doing this everyday, but why not get credit for it!? We are hosting a challenge with all of our wonderful studio family and friends! How do you join? Easy! In our studio are two large posters, write your name on the sign-up sheet next to our giant posters and [...]

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