What time is it!?  The best time!
Disassociation of movement (the idea that just because one part of the body is moving doesn’t mean everything else moves with it) is a 
key component to success when performing the perfect pelvic clock! To unlock this movement in your March Matness practice follow the advice below!
Lolita tells us all about how Joe regularly proclaimed, “Rome was not built in a day!” when working with the Pilates method. Perfect practice makes perfect, so be sure to start small- especially when going side-to-side between 3 and 9 o’clock.
This is one of the only movements (isometric contractions being the other) where you are not actively engaged in your abdominals to do the work. We like to think, “jelly in the belly” as we move around our clock.
Your knees should be perfectly still (I like to say they’re quiet) as we move. Again, disassociation of movement, just because the pelvis is moving doesn’t mean the knees should be moving too.
This ties back to 1 because you shouldn’t be so far in your arch (or 6 o’clock) that your ribs flair out of alignment. Keep your spine safe as you move. 

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