We start every class with this movement to warm up the spine and it’s an easy one to do mindlessly-

1- EYES follow the fingertips as you reach toward the ceiling

2- SHOULDERS stay drawn down and together in a V (and away from the ears) at all times!

3- RIBS stay in the body and don’t shift from side to side as we reach the arms!

4- THE FLEXION: when we come forward, the head hangs AND we only come forward from the waistline up. What does that mean? If you were to tie a rope at your waistline as you sat in a chair, you’d only fold forward from that point, just as you couldn’t pull away from the back of the chair, you shouldn’t pull forward in your flexion

5- THE RETURN: when we return to seated tall, take your time by sliiiiiding the hands along the floor- remember point number 2 and be sure to stack each vertebra one at a time like your placing your back along an imaginary wall behind you.

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