Starts NOW!

We know you are already doing this everyday, but why not get credit for it!? We are hosting a challenge with all of our wonderful studio family and friends!

How do you join?

Easy! In our studio are two large posters, write your name on the sign-up sheet next to our giant posters and you’re officially enrolled.

We challenge you to do the feet exercises described in the video below! We’ve included a PDF article with a few extras if you want to go above and beyond.

Take a picture or a video of you grinding out those trouble spots and tag us on social media. We are using the honor system, friends! When you come in each week, put a gold star next to your name for every day you put your Feet First this February.

There will be two winners; one for most improved feet (so make sure to take pictures/videos along the way), and one for participation. The winners get Precision Pilates swag and incredibly functional feet!

Lolita’s Feet First Article