Teaser Tuesday has been a sensation all over the web, but few people tell you how to get there! We’re taking advantage of the mat-ness to start March with a fun modification using a flex ring, or “magic circle”. We know you can perform the picture-perfect teaser, so here are some things to work on to get you there…
The teaser, yes, TEASES you! Practice with precision to keep your balance directly behind your sit bones WHILE maintaining proper alignment and keeping your muscles engaged.
A teaser is a full “V” shape of the body, be sure not to tuck your pelvis in effort to make the balance that little bit easier (it’s not a “U” shape, silly)- not only does this take the work out of your abdominals, but it puts stress on your low back.
Using the wrong muscles to make it look like you’re doing a proper teaser is a common problem. If your hip flexors are doing the work, we need to be changing things up. In this movement, be sure to V right up, but to ARTICULATE the spine back down to protect the vertebra and ensure that it’s truly the abdominals making the teaser magic happen!

Placing the arch of your foot (closer to the heel than the metatarsals) on the pad of the ring and holding on with the hands to the other side, contract and lengthen up the transverse abdominals (keep the kiss in the tush) to lift the legs to that fun teaser position.
Work to lower and lift the feet by bending the knees.
*Be sure to keep the shoulders down, the belly button to the spine, mustache back, neutral pelvis, and kiss in the tush.

Perfect practice makes perfect! The journey to beautiful and powerful teasers is in no way easy, but it can definitely be fun and rewarding!

Happy teasers, friends!