So great, we’re giving all of these tips and tricks to improve your mat practice, but you’re BUSY, right!? RIGHT! You’re in luck friends! Pilates can be done ANYWHERE whether you’re sitting at the DMV, working at your computer, driving your car, or standing in line.

Today’s feature includes the main points to remember your proper engagement…Remember our imagery of a barbershop pole?
-Always be sure to grow tall through the crown of the head (ALWAYS)
-Maintain the 5 smiles of the body
-Keep the ribs knitted back toward the spine and the shoulders down and together in a “V”
-Don’t forget your kiss in the tush or to keep your belly-button to your spine to keep the transverse abdominals engaged

-Encourage the length of your spine to stay tall by lifting your rear-view mirror just enough that looking back isn’t mindless
-Take your seat back up to keep from tucking the pelvis, disengaging the abdominals, and shrinking into your seat
-Take your hands to the 10 and 2 positions to keep the chest and back smiling
-Actively lift your elbows while keeping the shoulders drawn to engage the back and arms
Suddenly your commute is a workout!

-The same principles as your car apply to your seat at your computer
-Make sure that your feet are firm and square on the floor (with weight even in the foot centers) and that your knees are kept tracking your second toes
-If possible, try to lift your computer screen to a level more in line with your head to avoid “tech neck”… if this ISN’T possible, be sure to stand to move your spine around REGULARLY (like every 30-40 minutes)

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