Whether you’re in class or waking up in the morning, Hugging knees is a great warm-up movement on so many levels.

A few notes on giving yourself a well-deserved hug where proper form is concerned!
1) Remember the conversation we had on Day 3 with Leg Developpés? Be sure that as your legs come in for the hug that your feet are TRULY sliding (and not draaaaaagging… it’s all about balance) along the mat/floor in order to engage the abdominals instead of using the hip flexors.
2) Your tailbone should stay weighted toward the floor as your legs come in. This ensures you’re getting an appropriate stretch.
3) Lolita is a stickler for hands and elbows! (And we’re no different!) Be sure that your hands are strong! No need to separate the fingers or lift the pinkie toward the walls- they’ll do you no good there! As your hands firmly hug your knees toward the chest, keep your elbows actively lifted to the side.
4) ELBOWS and SHOULDERS expanded. This movement makes it really easy to let your shoulders shrug up toward your ears and to let your chest “pucker” forward. Keep your chest strong with your shoulders down and together in a “V” as your elbows actively lift as mentioned in 3 during every single hug!
5) Eyes and Head – When adding the chest lift to your hugs, be sure that your eyes trace in to the body and stay there! Your head is lifted (because where your eyes go your head goes) and your chin is toward your chest. KEEP IN MIND, however, that your chin should not be smooshed to your chest. Think of holding a kiwi fruit between your chin and chest. If you want to eat it later, you had better now squish it! The size of a kiwi, or maintaining a “tutu of air” between the chin and chest are both appropriate distances to keep.


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