It’s March and we’re ready for MAT-NESS!

We’re thrilled to bring you a month packed with Precision’s favorite tips for Pilates success whether you’re at home or in the studio with us!


FIRST UP:  Arm Reaches with Forward Flexion

We start every class with this movement to warm up the spine and it’s an easy one to do mindlessly- read more

DAY 2: Rotation

After our Arm Reaches with Forward Flexion- our warm up of the spine progresses to Rotation – watch video

DAY 3:  Leg Développé

We’re jumping past our lateral flexion and other spine warm-ups for now because we feel the concepts implemented by this surprisingly difficult exercise translate to so many repeated ideas in the rest of our mat work – learn more

DAY 4: Lateral Flexion

We’re working to never overlook the incredibly important steps you should take to warm up the spine – watch video 

DAY 5: Teasers

Teaser Tuesday has been a sensation all over the web, but few people tell you how to get there! We’re taking advantage of the mat-ness to start March with a fun modification using a flex ring, or “magic circle”- learn more

DAY 6: Extension & Flexion of The Spine

We can’t rave enough about how much we love love LOVE our spine warm-ups or just how important they are to perform before moving your body around. – read more

DAY 7: Articulation into Reclining

The first of our spine articulations and such a powerful tool to get you started!- watch video

DAY 8: Pilates in Your Everyday

So great, we’re giving all of these tips and tricks to improve your mat practice, but you’re BUSY, right!? – read more

DAY 9: Hugging Knees

Whether you’re in class or waking up in the morning, Hugging knees is a great warm-up movement on so many levels. – learn more

DAY 10: Pelvic Clock – watch video